LSC Calendar of Events 2020/2021

Tuesday 8th September Induction
5th yr first group {A to O} 9.00am to 12.00pm
5th yr second group {P to Z} 1.00pm to 3.00pm
Wednesday 9th September   Induction
First group {A to H} 6th yr 9.00am to 11.00pm
Second group {I to O}  6th yr 12.00pm to 2.00pm
Third group {P to Z} 6th yr 2.30pm to 4.30pm
Thursday 10th September Study Skills 5th yr  {A to O} 9.00am to 11.00am
Study Skills 5th yr {P to Z} 12.00pm to 1.00pm
Study Skills 6th yr {A to H} 2.00 to 4.00
Friday 11th September Study Skills 6th yr {I to O} 9.00am to 11.00 pm
Study Skills 6th yr {P to Z} 2.00pm  to 4.00pm
Monday September 14th School Opens – 1st Term
October 25th – 29th Exam Week
October 25th  – October 30th Mid-term Break
December 16th – 22nd Exam Week
December 22nd – January 3rd Christmas Holidays
December 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st & Jan 2nd Christmas Revision Courses
Wednesday 6th January 2021              School Reopens – 2nd Term
February 15th – 19th Mid-term Break
March 1 – 5th Exam Week
March 17th St Patricks day closed
March 29th  – 12th April Easter Holidays
March 29th – 2nd April Easter Revision Courses
5th April Monday School Reopens – 3rd Term
May 3rd Monday Bank Holiday Closed
May 18th – 22th Fifth Year Exams
May 22th Fifth Year students finish
May 28th Sixth Year students finish

 All dates are subject to change.

Dates for Oral Exams to be advised.